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Marie Tomlinson

Marie was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and taught French in a school district in Suffolk County, N.Y.  She went on to become a Foreign Language Chairperson and eventually an Assistant Superintendent of Schools, where she oversaw all K-12 curriculum, instruction and staff development. 

After retiring, Marie was introduced to paper collage by her friend and watercolor artist, Penny Thompson. And although she still creates in this medium, she soon began working almost exclusively in alcohol ink because of its vibrant colors and fluid appearance as well as the "control" challenge it presented.  She has also begun exploring pastels, as they provide that rich color that originally attracted her to alcohol ink. 

Marie is a member of the Landings Art Association, where she serves on its Board and enjoys the company of many talented artists. She is currently a coordinator for one of  its galleries and serves as the webmaster for the LAA website.

Marie currently resides in New York and Savannah, Ga.  

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